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EV chargers

at a great value.You will know that you have made the right choice for your EV charging needs and your wallet. Let’s  turn the world to be greener and more environmental friendly by using of EVs.


- With a simple plug-and-play Portable EV Charger, you’ll be powering up in no time!  

- Home EV Charger offers 7kw-22kw power so you can get back on the road in a flash!

- DC EV Charger, charge up your electric vehicle faster than lightning!

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All you need to know about EV Chargers

  • parking ev charger

    What EV chargers are made of ?

    If you have ever wondered what EV chargers are made of, you are in the right place. At Ace Charger we want you to get to know the world of charging points a little more closely. So that you know our commitment to the environment, the quality and care of the product that we offer to our customers.

  • type of ev chargers

    Types of EV chargers

    You have an electric car or you are thinking of buying one and you don’t know which charger to install. In this post, we answer the key questions to decide: which are types of recharging points for electric cars, vital for recharging our vehicle’s battery? Indeed, it is necessary to buy a suitable charging point according to the needs of your vehicle and its characteristics (type of connector, admitted power, battery capacity, etc.), and also according to your needs and personal c...

  • ev charger waterproof

    Are EV chargers waterproof?

    It is a very common fear and question: are EV chargers waterproof? Can I charge my car if it is rainy, or even when the vehicle is wet? Are EV chargers waterproof? The fast answer is yes, EV chargers are waterproof for safety reasons. That does not mean that you should pour water on it, of course. It just means that manufacturers like ACEcharger do make sure to test the chargers to avoid accidents. As a result, when connecting the car at home, your charger should not be a problem, as you usua...

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Certified EV chargers manufacture bases ensure us to offer a range of charging solutions for your different demands: homes, businesses, and public locations.With ACE charger software, you can charge when electricity rates are low; you can track, manage, and optimize electric vehicle charging and earn additional revenue.

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    Earn cash for flexibly charging

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    Glow Your Business

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    Easy use and maintenance

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Customer Testimonials

  • From the beginning, your team has been helpful in answering my questions and guiding me toward the best solution for my needs. The installation process was seamless, and your technicians were professional, knowledgeable, and efficient.

    As for the charging station itself, I am extremely impressed with its performance, safety features, and reliability. The high-power output provides a fast and stable charging experience for my electric vehicle, and the IP65 and IP55 protection ratings give me confidence that the station will continue to perform well in various weather conditions. Additionally, the intelligent management features, such as remote control and real-time monitoring, have made the charging experience incredibly convenient.

    ----------Emma Thompson

  • El equipo de ACEcharger es increíblemente profesional. Hablamos con ellos sobre todas las especificaciones de nuestro pedido, que eran muchas, y fueron capaces de darnos una respuesta adecuada y personalizada. Además, las certificaciones y garantías que nos aportan nos dieron todas las facilidades para importar las estaciones de carga. Todos los productos son perfectos. Sin fallos, sin problemas. No podríamos haber tenido más suerte con nuestro nuevo socio.

    ----------Liseth Hernández

  • Con ACEcharger tenemos la confianza de colaborar con una gran empresa. Seriedad en el trato, cumpliendo siempre con los plazos, y ofreciendo productos exactamente como se prometió. Nuestro control de calidad es increíblemente exigente, porque no podemos jugárnosla con nuestra reputación. En ese sentido, no podemos pedir más. Son los mejores en estaciones de carga eléctricas, de lejos.

    ----------Lawrence Marshalian

  • Elegimos Acecharger por sus excelentes referencias, y sentimos que hemos hecho la elección ganadora. Desde el principio se interesaron por adaptarse a nuestras necesidades como clientes, nos dieron todas las facilidades y estuvieron ahí cuando surgieron dificultades. Si estás pensando en apostar por ellos, te damos nuestra sincera recomendación. Para nosotros, hay un antes y un después del Acecharger.

    ----------Mariah Müller

  • ACEcharger me aportó toda la confianza necesaria desde el minuto uno. En el sector de las estaciones de carga de coches eléctricos es necesaria profesionalidad, rigor y experiencia. Compartieron conmigo toda la información que requerimos desde nuestra empresa, y nos dieron las máximas facilidades para hacer el proyecto realidad. Nos aportan la confianza necesaria, y un producto con el respaldo adecuado para entrar con fuerza en el mercado.

    --------Adam Ericksen